Hardly any other company on the market is as specialised in three-dimensional X-ray diagnostics as PreXion from Japan. With well over 15 years of experience in software-supported 3D X-ray imaging, PreXion systems offer outstanding precision for safe diagnostics and planning in all areas of dentistry. After the extremely successful market entry in the US, PreXion is represented with a new CBCT system—the PreXion3D EXPLORER. The target of development is focused on the global market, especially for Europe and the US. PreXion’s dental CBCT scanner is based on unique technologies used daily for thousands of medical diagnoses globally. Utilising the image processing technologies, it is designed for dental applications such as oral surgery, dental implant procedures, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, airway analysis, TMJ and general dentistry.


PreXion Inc.

Silicon Valley, San Jose, Kalifornien, USA

PreXion (Europe) GmbH

Rüsselsheim, Germany

PreXion Corporation

Tokyo, Japan

made in Japan

The great care that Japanese companies put into the development and manufacturing of their high-tech products is continued in the strategic planning of subsequent market launches. PreXion puts the main focus on the direct and personal contact with its customers. With the European headquarters situated near Frankfurt/Main and a highly qualified and specialized tech support team, customers of PreXion enjoy immediate and personal service. Based on unique technologies, CBCT systems from PreXion are already part of the daily routine in thousands of dental practices all around the world.


The PreXion3D EXPLORER convinces in several special CBCT fields vital for the daily practice: low radiation exposure via automated X-ray pulsation, minimal reconstruction times of the generated 3D and 2D image files in high resolution, and last but not least the individualized modification options for the various imaging and software modes.


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